9 months! Ruby is now 9 months!!

I really cannot believe my tiny baby days are almost behind me.  tear.

She is currently wearing 12-18 month clothes.  

Says “mama” and “dada”, waves, gives high fives, is getting her clap down, and her favorite toys are balls.  

She crawls everywhere, gets into whatever she can, and pulls up as much as she can to get a better reach or view.

She currently has 6 teeth and has begun the horrible habit of grinding her teeth together.  My least favorite sound.  

She has gotten lots of practice eating cereal and things the kids have dropped on the floor, so she is finally learning to chew! As result, she got to enjoy her first real meal of Chili, which she loved.  

When we were cleaning out the office, I found one of Macey’s 9 month pictures and could not resist putting Ruby in the same dress.   

She refused to sit still, but I did finally manage to get something.  

I could not believe how different they look.  It doesn’t help that Ruby is about 5 1/2 pounds bigger and a few inches taller and the dress is more like a shirt on her. :)  

Then I just had to see how the boys looked at 9 months too.

Love these babies.  

Ruby is still my happiest, most content child.

She usually gets about 2-3 naps a day, depending on our schedule. I really don’t know what time she naps, the moment she starts getting a bit fussy or wanting to be held, I know she’s tired and down for a nap she goes.  Bedtime is anywhere from 7-9, depending on naps and/or  if I’m just having too much fun playing with her to part with her for the night.  

Love this growing baby of mine.