We braved the drive and elements again and made the trek to Lake Pearrygin to camp with my family for the week.  

There were of course a few moments where I questioned our sanity, as to why we came camping with 4 little kids so far from home.  

There was of course some sleep deprivation.  

And the late afternoon whineyness from all ages (me included).  

But, it was more than worth it.  

The weather was perfect.  

The lake was NOT crowded with boats.

And our campsites were perfect.  

I rarely got to sit down, I only got to play one rambunctious game of Dutch Blitz, and I didn’t get to talk to everyone like I wanted, but I suppose that is what happens at this stage in my life.  

I loved watching the cousins play.  

I loved watching my kids try new things.  

Macey and Owen not only double knee boarded, they also loved switching places on the GTX while going behind the boat.  Dare Devils.  

I did get in a few awesome GTX rides and have not laughed like that in a long time.  It was good for my soul.  

I love watching my kids making the same memories at Pearrygin that I did.  Pearrygin was the highlight of my year as a kid, and I’m glad it’s turning out to be the same for these kids.