Macey 4 Month Stats:
Weight- 15 lbs 3 oz
Height- 25 inches

Miles 4 Month Stats:
Weight- 16 lbs 6 oz
Height- 25 3/4 inches
Head- 40 cm

Crew 4 Month Stats:
Weight- 17 lbs 14 oz
Height- 27 inches
Head- 42 cm

Crew wins again. He is pretty much turning into a giant and is now the average size of an 8 month old. To give you an idea, he’s the size Macey was at 11 months. This kid is killing me.

This would explain why his 3-6 month sleepers and clothes in general seem too small, they are! And also why he is constantly blowing out of his size 2 diapers. I knew he was big, but not almost 18lbs big! This weekend consisted of buying bigger diapers and pulling out the 6-12 month clothes. SLOW DOWN!

This months happenings include:
still pretty much the best baby

goes to bed about 9:00 and sleeps until 5:00-7:00. The best part though, is we put him down wide awake and most nights he doesn’t fuss at all. Macey and Miles were NOT like that at all.

Loves his hands and happily chews and sucks on them for most of the day.

Favorite thing is to lay on the floor and talk with you.

Paul, macey, and i have each gotten him to laugh a few times!

Macey can now be bribed with cookies or ipad to entertain him while I try to get things done. Crew and I both love it.

as you can tell from recent pictures his hair has really started to thin and then just fall out in large clumps. We were forced to make the hard decision: live with horrible patchy, wispy hair or shave it all off. We took the drastic route, the jury is still out on whether that was the right decision.

But, after comparing Miles and Crew’s 4 month pictures, I’ve decided maybe it’s a good thing I shaved his head. Now I’ll at least be able to tell them part in pictures. :)

I just love our Little Old Man Baby!