Macey decided to turn 7, so I guess I’ll have to learn to deal with it.

She of course had the best day ever and I was actually happy she was at school most of the day, so I didn’t have to do any entertaining in my current state. :)

We of course started the day with a birthday donut and we scored big with the  zebra print “7” balloon.  

She is pretty much the easiest girl to please these days and was in love with all her girly presents. 

I’ve never been to school on my birthday, but according to Macey it is awesome. As an added bonus we brought donuts to share with her adorable classmates.  

When Paul got home from work we went to Provo Beach Resort.  Macey has turned into the ticket queen and with no help from us won 300 tickets, which she happily cashed in for some pretty sweet prizes.

The highlight of the night though was when Paul got her 2 stuffed animals on one turn with the claw!  Being the awesome girl she is…when Crew started crying because Paul didn’t win one on his turn, Macey immediately gave him one of hers.  No prompting needed.  

She went easy on me with her cake request this year, and just wanted Frozen cupcakes: white cake, silver wrappers, light blue frosting, and white sprinkles to be exact.  Luckily at 4:00 on her birthday, I remembered to actually make them. 

There really is just too much to say about how wonderful this girl is.  

I’m pretty happy she came first in our family, because this girl is one of the best big sisters around.  And there really is no one on the planet that can handle Miles better than her.  She is the Miles’ Whisperer. He waits and waits and waits for her to come home from school, then eat her snack and do her homework…and then without fail she runs downstairs and plays with him.

I really don’t know how’d we survive without her.  

Macey’s Current Favorites

Movie: Frozen
Food: Ice Cream
Thing to Do: play with my princess barbies, dance, and sing
Toy: Frozen Dolls
Song: “Let it Go” and “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera 
Book: Frozen Chapter Book and Princess Books
Thing to Do at School: READ
Color: White