Everyone keeps asking if Macey loves Miles and how she must, because she probably loves dolls. The thing is Macey is not a fan of dolls or babies, in fact she gets really upset if you show her one of her dolls. One might even say she is a bit scared of them.

Well, beginning last night Macey actually started playing with what she refers to as “Baby Elephant Macey”. She carries Baby Elephant Macey around with her, puts her in the baby swing, puts her down for naps, sings her songs, and even feeds her treats. The funny part is that Baby Elephant Macey is not a doll at all.

Baby Elephant Macey is Macey’s princess shoes stacked together.

Here she is giving Baby Elephant Macey a kiss:

I just love her creativity, it keeps us constantly entertained.

On a different note, I really wanted to make an advent calendar for Macey this year, but I never got around to it. So, when my mom was here we wrapped 24 of my Christmas books. The idea is that Macey opens one each night to countdown to Christmas. She opened her first one last night and loved it. She’s already been looking under the tree today for the one that says “23 Days”. I think we might make this a new tradition, since I have an insane amount of Christmas books.

Here’s the books under our tree: