Today we got TONS of snow, which meant of course that we had to go outside and play in it. The moment Macey spotted some of the neighbor kids out front she was yelling to get her boots on. We made a snowman, snow thrones, snow angels, and Macey ate lots and lots of snow. I was waiting for Macey to get cold and want to come in, but that of course didn’t happen. So, after an hour of playing in the snow I had to drag a wet, kicking, and screaming Macey inside for a nap.

Macey spent about half her time sitting in the snow while eating it.

When Macey saw the other kids making snow angles she immediately plopped down and started wiggling, we all thought it was pretty funny.

Sitting on her snow throne while enjoying more snow.

Standing in a hole that Paul dug her in our backyard.