Macey and Miles have been living outside and it has helped to get us through Paul’s NEVER ending work hours.

Although, my house has been extra sandy and my couches have been getting an extra layer of dirt on them. As a result all children have been banished to the floor.

All jeans currently look like this:

We had to do some pant shopping and I am hoping they will get us through to short weather.

We also hit 70 degrees last week and happily spent the afternoon at the park with 2 of Macey’s best friends from school and their moms.

I love Kindergartners and having new mom friends.

Paul finally had a few hours free, so we got to work on the mess that is the Kid Closet. I think we finally found the proper organization to fit 3 kids in one closet, I hope it works/lasts!

Macey is loving being able to see all her clothes now and I have learned she has a thing for hipster animal tees, i wonder where she gets that from?

Paul also had a birthday this month. It fell on a Sunday and I hate Sunday birthdays, so I planned a fun filled Saturday. I didn’t even leave him time to work. :)

Marley’s for Breakfast, Soldier Hollow, Dairy Keen,Texas Roadhouse, and old friends…doesn’t get much better.

We ended up having Holly babysit for 10 hours, with a 3 hour break in the middle. Awesome.

It was a good thing we celebrated Saturday though, cause church Sunday turned out to be one of the worst we have ever had. I won’t go into details but it involved lots of bodily fluids, crazy primary kids, and more.

I still managed to make dinner and a Mustache Cake though. Plus, I even let Macey and Miles decorate their own cake. And for the first time, i didn’t decorate at all!? I thought Macey and Miles might notice, they didn’t. I don’t think I’m going to decorate next year either. :)

I think I love March more and more every year.