Who doesn’t love Halloween!?!

One of my favorite parts this year was getting to do Macey’s class Halloween Party.  It was so fun meeting all her friends and getting to observe Macey in the school environment.  I learned she talks just as much at school as she does at home.   I didn’t take any pictures of course, but the kids had a blast and luckily Holly came and helped me out since none of the other parents could.  Sometimes I don’t know what I’d do without Holly. :)

We did our 2nd annual Neighborhood Carnival and it of course was a blast.  We probably doubled the amount of kids from last year, which luckily made it more fun instead of more crazy.

Paul’s work had Trick or Treating and Macey happily skipped the Halloween Parade so we could go.  Domo’s Trick or Treating far surpassed all other office Trick or Treating we have attended.  The Candy Bar kind of sealed the deal for me, though.  Pretty sure this was M&M’s favorite part of the Holiday.  

Even though the kids had plenty of candy from Trick or Treating at Paul’s office, we still of course had to go out into the neighborhood and do a handful of houses.  I love seeing all the neighbor kids dressed up and visiting with everyone.  Yes, we love where we live.  And Paul was much more helpful this year as the Tic Tock Crock than he was last year as the man in the gorilla’s cage.  

Mr. Smee, Jake, Tic Tock Croc, Cubby
__and Izzy
(From Jake and the Neverland Pirates)

And no, I am not one of those mean moms who gives their kids Halloween candy away!  We’ve all been enjoying their large haul this year.  

Sad it’s over, but for some reason this year I am very happy that October is behind us and it’s finally November.