The highlight of Thanksgiving Break this year was getting to see The Bartletts.

I obviously didn’t get to spend as much time with Emily as I wanted (meaning 24/7) and we didn’t get enough no-kid time in, but it still helped to fill the void in my heart of missing my bff.  

We went on an epic sledding adventure.  

Showed them the ropes at The Children’s Museum.  

Hung out at Michelle’s.  

And ventured out to eat dinner in public with all 7 kids.  

Never a dull moment.  

We had a perfect low key Thanksgiving across the grass at our neighbors.  We had great food, good company, and I loved being able to run home quick to grab anything I needed.  

And we hosted a 2nd Thanksgiving, so Paul could eat all the Thanksgiving foods he loves.  

Then we decided to take the kids snowshoeing.  

It did not go well.  

Crew eventually refused to move from this spot.  

Once we finally got all the cold and crying children loaded up, we discovered there was a tanker blocking all lanes of traffic and we could not get home through Provo Canyon. 

Luckily we found an amazing kolache shop and got to do some shopping in Park City, before heading home through Salt Lake.  

All in all it ended up being a pretty good day.