If you have not heard of Shabby Apple, you are missing out. I’ve been coveting their dresses for at least a year now, and have been updating the list of dresses I want weekly.

I took on a baby sitting job with the sole intention of getting me some Shabby Apple dresses with my earnings.

My first purchase, L’Artiste.

I LOVE it.

It solves my 2 biggest problems with my dressy/sunday attire.
1. too many layers
2. I feel like I’m still dressing the same as I did when I was 17, plus half the teenagers at church have the same clothes I do.

The dress fits perfect (I didn’t even have to wear a tank under it), and I feel like I’m actually dressing my age, but in a cute/stylish way.

I plan on purchasing my next dress tomorrow.

That’s my plug, I will be back to posting adorable pictures of my children later in the week. :)