I had been complaining to Paul about how we’re getting kinda boring, we’re not very spontaneous anymore and we buy new appliances instead of fun stuff. So, I decided we needed to be a bit more exciting and use our tax return for something other than fixing our cars. I was ecstatic when Paul agreed! So, this last weekend we (Me, Paul, Macey, Jenni, and Trina) took a rode trip down to CA. It turned out to be one of the best rode trips ever!!

We of course had to make coordinating shirts, which we wore on the drive and into the park that night.

I thought Macey might be a bit too young to enjoy Disneyland, but I was wrong. She turned out to be a perfect age, mostly because she’s still free but can ride on most of the rides. :)

Here is Macey’s top 5:
5. Riding the Roller Coaster in Toon Town, she yelled “weeee” the whole time and when it was over said “again, again”.
4. The Winnie Pooh Ride
3. The Parade
4. Meeting Mickey, she had to rip her sweatshirt off so she could show him the Mickey on her t-shirt.
5. The Playhouse Disney Show, she danced and screamed the whole time

Paul’s Top 5:
5. Fantasy Land/continental breakfast
4. Participating in the Conga line during the parade
3. Tower of Terror
2. Bacon Burger at Village Haus
1. Hanging out with Kelsey and Macey

Kelsey’s Top 5:
5. Being brave enough on Slash Mt. to have my hands up (big step, I’m a huge wimp)
4. Having LOTS of people and things to entertain Macey
3. Soaking up the sun
2. Watching Macey at the Playhouse Disney show
1. Tower of Terror and I was terrified.

Now that we’re back I don’t feel quite so old and boring, so I guess it really is a magical place. And it was well worth not getting the locks and windows on the jeep fixed. :)