I thought about going to bed, as Miles is sleeping, but couldn’t bring myself to do it at 8:30, maybe next week.

So, here’s what happened on Thursday:

6:30 Arrived at hospital to be induced (already at a 5)
7:00 IV for Strep B antibotic started

7:30 Faint from who knows what and sweated off all my makeup in the process
9:00 Pitocin started
10:00 beat Paul in Skip-Bo
11:00 Epidural
12:00 Finally got my water broke
1:30 Fainted again, I was getting very hungry at this point.
1:50 started pushing, only to find out he’s sideways and has a huge head.
2:10 Threatened with Forceps, pushed harder
2:35 Miles Reid is finally born!! He got a bit beat up in the process, but that’s what you get when you don’t come out the way you’re suppose to.

As far as labor goes I’d say it went pretty smoothly. I think it was harder than Macey’s, but Paul remembers things a bit differently, apparently I really did forget how it went. Mostly I think I was just already tired (I didn’t sleep much w/ this pregnancy) and then it took much longer than it did with Macey. My mom got to be there though, which was cool and she did a great job at getting my juice when I needed it.

Miles is great and we think he’s pretty dang cute. He is way mellower than Macey was and doesn’t even mind when she tickles him and gives him toys to play with.

Here’s some pictures from the hospital for your enjoyment:

More pics to come later.