In college Emily and I were known by some of our friends as Kelmily. Emily came up with Maceyllis for Macey and Amaryllis and I thought it was quite appropriate since they are already bff’s.

When Macey woke up in the morning or from her naps she was always yelling “bay-bee, bay-bee”. She couldn’t wait to see Amaryllis and Amaryllis couldn’t wait to see her.

Here are some pictures to document the start of their life long friendship:

For some crazy reason we went on a morning walk in the canyon, it was 45 degrees. Macey and Amaryllis loved getting to wear their cute hats though.

Their favorite game was to chase each other.

Macey taught Amaryllis lots of things, like how to splash in the bathtub.

Macey even shared her most prized possessions, her puppies.

Even though they didn’t always get along, they always made up in the end.

Macey is going to miss her friend, thanks for visiting us Amaryllis!!

P.S. Everytime one of us goes to the basement Macey still yells “baby, baby”, I guess she thinks Amaryllis is hiding down there.