1.She loves to clean.

During Macey’s quiet time I decided to my pull my lazy self off the couch and clean the bathrooms. The moment Macey heard me scrubbing she came rushing in to help. She deemed herself the official Navasard Toilet Cleaner, a title I gladly handed over.

2.She is cute and always ready to entertain.

When Miles starts to get extra crazy about 5:00 everyday, I just call Macey and she plays “The Tackle Game” with him or just chases him around to get out his pent up 2 year old energy.

3.She is always doing and saying funny things. Constantly.

Here she gave herself a mustache and thought it was the most hilarious thing she’d ever done. And I admit, it was pretty funny.

4.She has her own style.

notice the mismatched boots.

5.She is easily entertained.

I thought four was pretty good, but I’m liking 5 a whole lot. I just hope I can train her in all household chores before this baby comes. ;)

Unfortunately for you, she is not up for sale. Although, if you come over around 5:30, I usually have a 2 year old you can borrow.