We had a rare moment this afternoon, the boys fell asleep in the car ride home and I decided to leave them for a min. so I could eat something in peace while using 2 hands.

I was about to pull out my laptop when I sat down with my snack, when Macey started talking to me.

“Isn’t it nice when the boys are sleeping? It’s so quiet, I like it when we get girl time like this.”

I of course had to push my laptop to the side and enjoy this rare moment with just Macey. I realize that she sometimes gets lost in the crowd that is Crazy Miles and Adorable Crew.

So, we enjoyed some lovely conversation where I laughed alot at the things she was saying.

We then decided to make a quick Christmas treat, since they were still asleep. I made a comment about what a good helper she is and she responded,

“It’s because you are the best mom!”

Pretty sure I need to make sure I take more time with just Macey when Crew and Miles are occupied. Usually I use the moments like this for showering or eating, but spending today’s quiet moment with Macey pretty much made my week.

Now we are drinking the water that she poured for us and I looked over at her grinning like a crazy person and she responded,

“This is my really happy face.”

This girl, she’s just growing up too fast.