With lots of kicking and screaming we made our kids part with their beloved Nextflix Saturday morning.  They weren’t too pleased with us, but luckily they actually ended up having fun, who would of thought?

First we went to a BYU taligate party.  There was face painting, games, prizes, and of course J-Dawgs. I didn’t get any pictures of Miles because he was too busy spilling water, cutting in line, and screaming. Typical.

And this would be Macey pouting that we had to leave, you never would of guessed that we had to force her to come.  

Later that day we once again had to force our kids into the car in order to try out our new bike rack.  

Macey rode her bike 4 miles along the Provo River Trail, she claims that she could of ridden much further if we would of let her.  Although there were a few moments, heading up hill, where she was sure her legs were going to stop working.  But, being the tough girl that she is, she kept pedaling.  

These are the moments where I’m actually happy that my kids are getting older!  And perhaps having to sit by Crew in the bike trailer will be motivation enough for Miles to learn to ride his bike. :)

And we are so awesome that we now have a family shoe:

Somedays I really just love it here.