It is official, we have never been this tired. Not when Macey was born and not even when Miles was born. I never should of complained before.

Here’s what has been happening at our house this past week:

Monday: Macey has a temp, runny nose, sore throat…
Tuesday: Paul develops same symptoms as Macey
Wednesday: Paul stays home from work
Thursday: Miles starts to get really congested, doesn’t want to eat much and spits up most of what he does eat. I begin to become annoyed with sick people, runny noses, and spit up on my clothes.
Friday: Macey starts to feel better, but I take MIles to the doctor and they send us home saying it’s just a bad cold. I finally start to get sick after taking care of 3 sick people all week.
and then
Monday: Call doctor about Miles AGAIN. They see us right away and then send us directly to the hospital to be admitted.

Turns out Miles got RSV (from Macey), that turned into bronchitis, which lead to him developing pneumonia along with an ear infection.

He was quite a trooper and was a great patient. He is doing so much better now. When our favorite nurse saw him last night she said “Whoa Miles, you looked like crap yesterday, but now you look great!” We are so happy to be getting our happy healthy Miles back.

Even though we got sent home with oxygen and a few prescriptions we are happy to be out of the hospital and I am very happy/relieved that we weren’t in the hospital over Macey’s birthday!

So, thanks to everyone that watched Macey, called, texted, and prayed for us, we really appreciate it!

Now I’m hoping to get a nice nap in like Miles and Paul, I’m thinking I might have time on Sunday.