Today was everything I think a Saturday should be.

I got to sleep in until 9:00am.

We then all worked on organizing/cleaning the mess that is our basement for a few hours.

My craft area hasn’t looked this good since Paul made it for me in June of 2008.

We enjoyed a family outing to Tucanos for lunch. Macey discovered the tongs and LOVED eating her lunch with them. It reminded me of the Thanksgiving where she ate her entire meal using a knife. Apparently she loves using new utensils.

Since Macey and Miles were good at lunch we took them to Blickenstaffs (our new favorite toy/candy store), followed by Borders. We let Macey pick out a treat, once she saw these lollypops she could not be talked into anything else. Her entire face was rainbow colored by the time she was done.

Then, I got to go listen to Markus Zusak talk at the Provo Library.

In case you don’t know who he is, he wrote The Book Thief, which just happens to be one of my favorite books. Which, I obviously love even more now! If you have not read it, read it. I’ll even lend you my, now signed, copy. As long as you promise to return it unharmed.

I then ended the evening at Trina’s eating a Pie Milkshake from Sammies. Delicious.

I think I am now ready to face the craziness that is Sunday.