June was amazing, like every June in Utah.  

We were beyond thrilled to officially be done with online school and start to figure out outdoor socially distanced activities do with friends.  

Ruby had one last assignment I forgot though, writing her name.  First day of school vs last day. That’s improvement.  and what I keep reminding myself as Ruby and I trudge along with school related things.  

A highlight of the month was of course the Miner’s pool. Their backyard became the hottest hangout on the block and I was happy to take the 2nd spot. 

We got into our summer routine with new job charts and checklists.

Macey hosted an outdoor movie of 13 going on 30 with her 2 bff’s, I made them each stay on their own blankets. :) 

Macey also started her volunteer job at The Scera Theatre.  

With the craziness of Covid, her Wednesday shift pretty much turned into the highlight of her week.  She got some freedom, got to hang out with her friends, and they usually stopped for a shave ice on their bike ride home.  Pretty exciting pandemic day. 

The neighborhood kids did a pretty good job of entertaining themselves, that got a little more difficult when the mid 90’s hit and no one was allowed to play inside though.   

We had a few exciting excursions.  

Dripping Rock with the O’neals and L.E.  
Look at this crazy stinger!! We had to do some research when we got home.  Apparently the females have these stingers so they can lay their eggs in tree bark.  

BYU with The Rensinks.

Hike up Big Springs with The Rensinks.

One of the highlights was the ice cream man coming down our street and me actually letting them get ice cream.  Best Day Ever. 

Pokemon hunting at The Riverwood’s with L.E. and her nephew. 

And we started looking at getting a pool of our own, so we spent some time pool hopping as part of the research process.  

and yes, that is a man bun on crew.  :)

There was obviously lots of talk around our house about the black lives matter movement.  I decided to take Macey to a march against racism in Provo.  

It was amazing.  Powerful.  Memorable. And Eye opening.   I hope Macey remembers the way she felt and the words that were spoken.  

Paul had a few Smash Brothers nights with his friends, so the kids took advantage of the screen to play before they had to go to bed.  

We mom hiked.  

And got caught in a parade at a senior living center coming out of Sodalicous.  So, we joined in with some waving and rap music.  

Ruby got a new bike, which we were shocked was actually in stock at our local bike shop!!  

The kids seeds they planted at the beginning of quarantine grew like crazy, so the flowers were ready to be moved to an outside planter.  Ruby was so excited to help Paul plant them in her playhouse flower box.  

Kids couldn’t remember to water them everyday, so they only survived a few weeks.  Well worth it though.  

We ended the month with an amazingly cool and drizzly day.  Ashley and I took advantage by going to the empty park and not sweating and dying of heat.