I’d heard about Gardner Village during Halloween time and read about it on countless blogs and this year we finally made it while the Witches were out! We also happened to luck out because it turned out to be Wee Witches Weekend, meaning there was tons of booths set up with things for Macey to make and do.

We went on “Ride to a Witch” Hayride and even though Macey was a bit scared of the witches at first, she loved getting their autographs.

Macey was a bit sad when she noticed alot of the other kids were all dressed up and she wasn’t (we’ll do better next year). She kept asking to be a Witch, but she had to settle for getting a witch painted on her face and making some Halloween jewelry instead.

We are loving fall this year and now that Macey actually cares, we are looking forward to finding more new things for us to do this season!