Since Macey and I both weren’t feeling that great today and there was nothing we had to do, we decided to spend the day playing inside.

We started off the day with painting one of Macey’s favorite things, a dinosaur.

I found the idea here.

Macey then wanted to go to the basement in search of dinosaur books. We ended up finding 5 and Macey read those while I began the daunting task of organizing the books in the basement!

I got the top 3 shelves done, kind of.

The next activity on the agenda was trying on my shoes, which is Macey’s current obsession.

We were of course famished after all this, so we made a special lunch.

I put a bunch of different foods on the counter and Macey picked which ones she wanted and put them in the muffin tin herself. I am happy to report that she pretty much ate everything (she’s been a surprisingly bad eater lately)! Perhaps we’ll have to have a muffin tin lunch more often.

After a busy few weeks of hauling Macey here and there, it was a nice break to just hang out and let Macey dictate our activities!

Pregnancy Update:

This is me at a little over 22 weeks or 5 months. As you can I see I am showing! I only throw up about once a week now, which is like heaven. :)