Miles is always keeping us on our toes and this last month did not disappoint. I suppose he’s got to somehow make up for how dang cute and happy he is.

This month he qualified for physical therapy through an amazing program, Kids on the Move. At first it was a bit overwhelming to realize that he is behind a bit developmentally and that he does have torticollis , but it’s been great and he’s making good progress. The only part that we all despise is doing the neck stretches. But, I hope when our PT comes this week he’ll see some improvement that will make the screaming and crying worth it.

one part of Miles’ PT is playing on his knees.

Thanks in large part to his physical therapy though, Miles can now crawl!! This means he’s begun getting into everything, but we don’t mind too much since we’re just happy the PT is paying off.

he can now play with things that were once out of reach, Dad’s video games and Macey’s doll house!

Miles also had his first real allergic reaction, it was to my homemade mac and cheese. I’m thinking it’s the eggs, not my cooking. So, no more eggs till he’s one.

Miles just likes to keep things exciting, I can’t blame him.

And just because I think they’re cute.
Mickey Mouse:

And the ever popular fish face:

Man, it must be alot of work to be the cutest baby ever.