As Crew will be 6 weeks on Tuesday, I figure it’s about time we start doing the things we normally do. So, we’ve been attempting to go back to normal.

We ventured to the library where I only forgot to check out 3 books in the chaos and the kind library employees tried to pretend I wasn’t a book thief.

We’ve been walking, lots. And since Macey has graduated from the stroller, she’s been enjoying riding her balance bike on our longer walks.

On Friday we ventured out on the town with all 3 children in tow to Rock the River. Macey entertained herself with sidewalk chalk, dancing, and running around with her friends. The boys though got tired once 10:00 hit and we had to pull out the big guns for Miles, the iPhone. Overall it was slightly worth being tired to know that my children are more cultured now, having been exposed to some good live music.

We also got to check a few more things off of our Summer Bingo list.

Our basement still looks like this constantly though:

although, I love how Miles is taking a break in this picture after his destructive run.

Crew got to be our third wheel again.

But, this time we left him with our babysitter after the 2 crazies were in bed and I finally got to take my birthday present for a cruise.

Overall I am still pretty (ok, extremly) exhausted, but life really is good. Although I could do with less temper tantrums if I had a choice.