I’m always anxiously awaiting Paul’s arrival home from work, but I’ve seemed to be counting down the minutes a little earlier the last little while. I’ve decided this is due partly to the fact that Macey has been getting into more and more trouble and it always seems to escalate towards the end of the day.

Here is an example of some of her most recent activities: coloring on our new tv, lifting the lid on the toilet to get to the water, taking down her name in her room, learning to open the closet doors and emptying EVERYTHING, hiding her diaper cream from us only to find and eat later, and trying to climb over the back of the couch because it’s more fun than walking around.

Today we were especially anxious for Paul to get home because it had been snowing all day and I wasn’t feeling like a very nice mom and didn’t want to go play in it. Macey of course had been standing at the window all afternoon yelling, “mommy snowing, mommy snowing…boots, boots”.

Paul, being the great husband/dad that he is, took Macey out to help him shovel the moment he walked in the door. Macey and I couldn’t of been happier! I got to finish making dinner, in peace, in my warm kitchen and Macey got to run wild and eat snow.

Thank goodness 5:30 always comes around eventually!