Is it just me or do the hours between post-nap and bedtime last forever? And then add in the fact that Paul rarely seems to be home by bedtime, makes these hours even more torturous around here.

Instead of relying solely on our i-devices to pass this time, we’ve been going on some late afternoon adventures. Well, that is on the days I can pull myself off the couch, which luckily is happening more and more often these days.

We’ve ventured to The Bean Museum and Miles actually got and loved doing the scavenger hunt this time.

Since that scavenger hunt was such a success, we went on a neighborhood one too (found here).

Upon returning Macey and I made another one, which is now waiting until the next warm day to be used. An added bonus of this activity, they were so exhausted from all the running around, that they happily were in bed by 7:00.

We’ve also been walking to Pet Store when the weather allows, nothing like looking at the cute kittens and puppies to brighten ones day.

Today we lucked out and it snowed! We threw snowballs, made snow thrones, and I even got some housework done while they ran crazy outside.

Love snow.

In other news, we finally painted Macey and Miles’ room orange. I know, what took me so long? There is still nothing on the walls, but I figure I’ll get around to it eventually

Before Color

After Color

Makes me happy every time I walk in their room. Oh, and they love it too.

And lastly in pregnancy news, I’m starting to show and am slowly feeling better! While I still throw up a few times a week and still feel sick most days, it is much more mild and I’ve found if I keep semi busy I can almost forget that I feel sick for a little while.

And since I’m sure you’re dying to see, here’s some pics of my ever growing belly: