Life in March is always good.  The house is feeling bigger, we are already getting tan lines, and Macey is thrilled her hair is already starting to turn “golden”.  

We’ve been spending as much time as possible outside.

Things can get a little crazy out front, but the kids don’t seem to mind one bit.

We’ve already made about half a dozen trips to Farm Country and still haven’t had our fill.  The favorite parts are still the pony rides and feeding the goats.

We’ve been so many times, Miles knows which ponies are boys and which ones are girls and of course will only ride on the boy ponies.  

The Peacock finally had his feathers open and it made Miles’ day.  He had to tell his Talking Time Preschool class all about it later that week.  

One highlight of the month was taking a trip to Jungle Jims with our bff’s.  2 very pregnant ladies, 2 crazy toddlers, and a Miles made for an extremely tiring afternoon, but the kids had an absolute blast.

Crew was also a little bit of a dare devil on some of the rides and was leaning over the edge or trying to stand up.  So, he got banned from the higher rides, as it was a bit stressful for Macey.  

It was also the last time we could fit all our kids in one car.

We also went on a double date, without these 6 crazy kids.  Michelle proved to be a very proficient prego bowler.  

I got to go on my first field trip with Macey!  I was slightly (a lot) concerned with how I could handle the bus ride, loud kids, and choas…but I survived and was so happy I was finally able go on one.  

I love watching her with her friends and I love that all her friends know me.  

Plus, she’d still rather sit by me on the bus instead of her friends. bff’s.

This guy had a birthday.  

He’s kind of the best and pretended to not care that in my current state I did not get him a birthday present and I forgot a few of his favorite items in his birthday meal.  

Crew is turning into a crazy/typical toddler.  We’ve had to child proof like we never have before.  I caught him the other day using the drawers as stairs to get onto the counter.  He is constantly throwing my silverware into the garbage can.  The moment he finds a pen, marker, crayon, or chapstick in reach he runs to the closest wall and starts drawing.  

Everyday he picks up new words and fights back just a little bit more when confronted by Miles.  He is officially in 2T clothes now and is looking and acting less and less like my baby.  

One of my favorite things of the moment…his love of orange.  It’s the only color he says and loves to point out and bring me things that are orange.  He really wants to be the favorite.  

Miles has turned into a surprisingly good helper, when the right motivation is in place.

I kind of love our cleaning time while Crew is napping and he is working hard to earn a show. 

Macey has been asking to learn to code, so her and Paul built a program that counted to a billion.  

She’s also been busy with soccer, gymnastics, friends, and of course reading.  She LOVES to read, she claims it is her current favorite thing about life.  We’ve had a blast going through my book boxes to find just the right book and I love seeing her enjoy some of my favorites on her own.  

We are also getting more and more excited about baby girl coming in about 4 weeks!! 

Here’s the first matching outfit, Macey cannot wait for more. 

I’ve had a blast going through Macey’s baby clothes and getting everything out. I just hope I’m going to feel up to putting this baby is real clothes, because I have a lot to get through.  

I have moments where I can push through the nausea haze and function fairly normally for a few hours at a time.  I get quite excited when I’m able to put a real meal on the table for everyone.  

We obviously need to give some attention to proper table manners though…baby steps.  

With Paul’s assistance I got some curtains hemmed for the laundry closet! 

There’s only about 25 more things to get done on my “Before Baby List”.

Here’s hoping for a sunny April with happy children and less puking, so I can be somewhat productive!