One thing that makes going from summer to fall much easier for me is BYU football.

This year we decided to go out on our own, join Cougar Club, and get real, adult, season tickets (we usually get the non-student sports pass and sit in the student section).

While, I do miss the excitement of being surrounded by college students. I don’t miss standing up the entire game or being surrounded by 19 year old girls and trying to pretend no one notices my developing wrinkles.

One of the benefits of actually joining Cougar Club and then joining The Touchdown club, is Paul got to fire off George Q.
For you non-BYU fans, this is the cannon the ROTC fires off each time BYU scores.

It was all quite exciting and official. We got passes so we could get down to the field and then we got to watch the game right from the sidelines while waiting for BYU to score.

Watching to see if they scored:

Paul couldn’t hear for a few min. after this:

After watching people hang out on the sidelines for the last 11 seasons and wishing I knew the right people to get down there, I’m glad we finally figured out a way. Because, it was just as cool as I imagined it would be.

In other Saturday news, how cute is this?

Love watching Macey and Miles “help” Paul.

Life is pretty good.