I have a lot of things that annoy me. For instance, at Barnes and Noble it bugs me when people take the checkout line straight back from the registers instead of turning it and keeping it along the path like they want you to. It doesn’t stress me out or anything, it just bothers me.

Today at the park I discovered a new thing that annoys me; moms who put their babies in the swings and just leave them there. Macey and I waited for 20 minutes today at the park while the same kids were in the only 2 babies swings. It was pretty obvious that Macey wanted to swing because she kept pointing and screaming at them. But, the moms continued to leave their kids there while they chatted w/ each other and played elsewhere with their older children. We weren’t the only ones waiting either, there were at least 5 other moms hanging around too.

It was a good reminder to me though to be a little more courteous with the baby swings, especially when the park is packed.