That I’m Glad Macey and Miles Share a Room:

58. She takes care of him when he cries.

This morning I awoke to Miles crying at 8;15. Instead of being a good mom, I rolled over and waited for Macey to take care of the situation. Sure enough after about 5 min, I hear Macey singing to him. When this tactic didn’t work she rolled out of bed and read him his favorite books, “Moo, Baa, Lalala” and “Dinosaurs” by Sandra Boynton.

At this point I pulled my tired body out of bed, not get my crying baby, but to get in the shower, because I knew Macey had the situation under control. She also searched the house for the doggie pet shop he was requesting and then gave him lots of blocks to entertain him, while I took my precious time in the shower.

If they had their own rooms I might actually have to get up before 8:00, and that just wouldn’t be much fun.

Gotta love siblings. There really isn’t anything much better. I never would of thought Macey would love Miles as much as she does, considering the extremely rocky start they had. :)

So, even though they still don’t enjoy any activity that requires them to touch (hugging, hand holding, ect…). They really are the best of friends and I just hope it lasts.