We got to go to Bellingham for Christmas this year and had way too much fun and ate way too much food.

Miles did great on his first flight and Macey is like an old pro at flying now and of course had fun. When we landed in Bellingham Macey started yelling out the airplane window “Nana, I’m here. Nana where are you?”. It was pretty funny.

We spent Christmas Morning at my parents house. Macey loved opening presents and would excitedly say, “Oh my Gosh!” as she opened each one.

We had our traditional egg soufflé for breakfast and I think I ate like 3 platefuls!

Brianne made all the girls these really cute brown scarfs, which we of course had to model.

My mom got this huge snuggie for Christmas, so Miles decided he wanted his picture taken on it.

Brianne’s baby Lauren wanted in on the action too, her and Miles are 3 weeks apart.

My parents with Miles and Macey on Christmas Eve.

In the afternoon we got together with my mom’s side of the family, where almost all of my 11 cousins were in town. We continued on with our traditional Christmas Caroling and acting out the Nativity Scene.

Macey getting ready to go out caroling wearing the hat Nana knitted her for Christmas.

Here we all are heading out into my grandparent’s neighborhood. I’m sure we frightened more than a few old people as we nosily moved through the neighborhood.

Macey landed the part of a shepherd for the Christmas Story. As you can tell the moment she got out on “stage” she removed her costume and then later started dancing around to the Christmas songs.

To keep the shepherds entertained backstage they watched Dora on my iphone.

And, it wouldn’t really be Christmas without festive holiday sweaters.

Christmas this year was the best yet. Even though it’s alot of work to travel with 2 little kids and lots of presents, it is most defiantly worth it.