I had my first sub job yesterday for my friend Heather. It was so fun to be back in 2nd grade at Eaglecrest and to be teaching again! I felt like I had never left and it was nice to be doing something that I actually new how to do. I got to see a bunch of my old kids and Heather even had a few siblings of old students that I had taught.

I now have also gained a new respect for anyone that subbed for my class, it is defiantly not an easy thing to do. Even though the students knew I taught 2nd grade at Eaglecrest they still tried to trick me a few times. LIke asking to sharpen pencils when they knew they weren’t suppose to or trying to tell me they get a handful of gummy bears when they find the mystery piece. I can only imagine what it must be like to sub in a classroom where you don’t know the teacher’s rules and routines. Unfortunately for Heather’s class I knew all the rules and was ready for anything they could throw at me.

Her class really made me miss teaching, but more than anything I miss working with the other amazing teachers. But, as I looked around Heather’s classroom and at her piles of things to do, and as I reassured a few parents that Mrs. Short would be back tomorrow, I knew that I had made the right decision in staying home.