Paul and I decided to stay the full 48 hours after having Ruby.  The thought of going home to a house of chaos, wasn’t very appealing.  So, we enjoyed our little mini vacation with each other and Ruby, while Holly was dealing with the crazies.

We watched movies, played games, napped, ate, chatted, and of course snuggled Ruby.  

Paul also charmed all the nurses with his baby knowledge, helpfulness, and all around awesomeness.  I had multiple nurses comment on how great Paul is and even one tell me that he is hot, I of course had to agree. 

The kids came to visit again and actually got to hold her.  But, it was so nice to say “10 more min and then Holly is taking you home” when they started bugging me.  

Macey stayed an extra hour without the boys though and it was nice to just get to hang out with her and hear about all the things I’d been missing.  Plus, the wheely stool provided a lot of entertainment.

Funny thing about Macey…she was the most excited about having a baby girl, but then the most scared of the baby. I know she likes her though because she’s been telling her friends all about Ruby, she gave me a whole booklet of coupons for Mother’s Day and they all have to do with helping with Ruby, and she wants Ruby to move to the basement with all of them.  She is just genuinely scared of newborns and getting spit up on…I know how she feels. :)  

The best part about 2 nights in the hospital though…sending Ruby to the nursery for the night and only having her brought to me for feedings.  Except for the time I told them to just give her a bottle at her next feeding, cause I was tired and didn’t want to be woken up. :)

Thank goodness for great nurses, an amazing doctor, and the best hospital around. 

Now it’s back to the real world, well almost, I am not on my own quite yet.