Macey was totally crazy at church today! She wasn’t upset and crying though, she was excited and happy. When we got there she started shrieking and laughing because she wanted her sippy cup. Once she downed that she noticed the mic plugs on the wall and started screaming excitedly as she made her way towards them. After she got bored with those she started banging on the chairs. Next she noticed the Exit sign and wasn’t content until everyone looked at it. Then she started yelling and laughing at the girls behind us. Next she started emptying the entire diaper bag as fast as she could throwing everything behind her as she went. And that was only during the announcements!

During Sunday School Macey and I walked the halls the entire time hoping to get some of her energy out. She had to scream a friendly greeting at everyone we met. Every time we walked by the library she had to stop and talk (scream) at the librarians and then we were on our way again. I assume the 3rd hour continued in the same manner, but lucky for me Paul took her. All I know is the moment I exited the Young Women’s room I heard Macey screaming and laughing from the other end of the hallway.

Paul and I are exhausted and Macey is still up in her crib talking away. I hope things go better next week, because I don’t remember one thing that was said today. But, I suppose it was still better than her crying the whole time.