We just got back from a very relaxing and sunny trip to Surfside, Texas with Paul’s family.

We managed to get a picture of the whole group with everyone actually looking at the camera!

I don’t think anyone had more fun than Macey! When she woke up in the morning all she wanted to do was go down to the beach and would of been perfectly content to spend the rest of day there. She did an amazing job keeping herself busy between the water, sand, and playing with her cousins.

Every night after dinner we went back down to the beach to play in the sand one last time before bed and she always managed to get completely soaked.

Here she is with her cousins Layla and Brooklyn.

Here’s our annual family beach picture, hopefully we’ll be able to keep up the tradition. :)

We of course took a million pictures, so I’ll be posting more on facebook (for those of you that are interested).