We were planning on moving Macey into a toddler bed sometime this summer, as to not have to deal with pack’n plays while we were traveling. Well, last week Macey decided to start taking bites out of her crib rail, so we removed the crib rail so it would still be intact for future children.

She LOVES her “new” bed! She hasn’t gotten out once, not even for naps (which was my main concern). She has fallen out a few times, but hasn’t been too traumatized by it. I just hope it continues to be this easy. I guess she was sick of being trapped in by the bars and is enjoying her new found freedom.

This is her sleeping on her very first night in a big girl bed:

This is how we found her in the morning:

On another note, while Macey was getting ready for bed tonight she pulled her potty out of the closet and sat down on it. I just thought she wanted to sit on it, so I left her there while I finished some stuff (we just have a potty, we have not attempted any sort of training). When I came back I discovered that she had actually gone to the bathroom! She was so excited she was dancing around screaming. I wasn’t planning on potty training anytime soon, but perhaps we’ll have to try. I just don’t know if I’m ready for Macey to be quite so grown up yet!