The end of May I ventured to Washington with Macey and Miles. I was a bit, well, very apprehensive about the prospect of traveling alone with them. The fact that our last few trips have had some moments I still have nightmares about- no sleeping, stomach flu, lots of screaming…you know, the usual kid stuff. I pushed my fear to the side though and things ended up going pretty smoothly.

The highlights of our trip:

1. The View.
every single time I come back to visit, I cannot get over the amount of trees and how green everything is. It makes it very hard to come back home and realize how sparse the trees really are here.

this is the trail behind my parents house, jealous?

2. Playing.
I have a problem with the parks here in Utah, I’ve never thought they were very cool. For me a good park means you feel removed from the rest of the world (meaning you can’t see all the cars driving by), there’s lots of space to run, and there’s more there than just toys.

Bellingham has the best parks.

3. Nana & Pop-Pop
There isn’t much to say other than they are awesome and amazingly don’t mind all the craziness that entails when we come to visit.

4. Ski-to-Sea
I haven’t been home for the Ski-to-Sea race in about 9 years, I was just sad Paul wasn’t there to do all the stuff with me.

We got to hang out at Hovander, another awesome park, where my Dad is in charge of the Mountain Bike Leg. Macey and Miles LOVED playing in the river, checking out the animals, and running around like crazy people.

I was happy to see that the Ski-to-Sea parade was exactly the same as it was 9 years ago. Macey and Miles’ favorite parts of the parade were the bands, because there isn’t much they love more than dancing.

5. LOTS of cousin time.
Macey and Kaylin don’t get to see each other much, but they are always bff’s the moment they see each other. And Miles and Lauren were even big enough to play this time.

6. Visiting the Great Grandparents.
This was the main reason for our trip and I’m so glad we got to spend so much time with them. Macey and Miles loved playing at their houses and showing off
their tricks for such a captive audience.

Buddy the Horse is a favorite, he’s got to be around 50 years old:

G.G and Papa’s dog Teddi, was also a huge hit:

Macey is already asking daily when we will be going back, only 50 days until Lake Pearrygin!