Since we were skipping out on Pearrygin this year, we needed to do something “vacationy”.  What better place to relax than The San Juan Islands?

The weather could not of been more perfect on our ferry ride over.  I only wish my children were as good.  The views were breathtaking and I made sure to enjoy them, in between dealing with tired over excited little people.  

On the way home we got smart and bought them all ice cream and popcorn.  They were perfect angels for that ride.

Our cottages were pretty awesome and very non-claustrophobic (my favorite feature). We had our own private beach just down the steps from the back porch, which is obviously where we spent most of our time.  

The beach was covered in these flat rocks, which were perfect for rock skipping.  The boys even had to get the water balloon launcher out to skip rocks.  

There were star fish, eels, shells and crabs a plenty to be found.  The kids had all sorts of collections going in their buckets and on the big rocks.  

Some people even got crazy and swam in the freezing water.

Crew loved finding crabs and adopted one poor crab, whom he named, “MeCrab”.  He would hug and kiss MeCrab, set MeCrab on the ground yelling “Go! Go!”…only to pick him up to be “loved” again.  He would also constantly say to MeCrab, “Luv You” and then give him a kiss.  It was hilarious.  Although some animal loving people didn’t agree. :)

We also got to spend some time in Moran State Park.  

The view from Mt. Constitution cannot be beat.  Although the anxiety of children running and climbing everywhere did try to take away from it. :) 

We lucked out and found a nice waterfall hike.  My kids were very interested in all the moss, ferns, and the density of the trees.  Love hiking in the northwest.

One of the best parts of the trip though was watching these cousins play. 

And it was apparent that these 2 are going to be pure trouble together. 

(thanks Shaunna for letting me steal your pics) :) 

Pretty sure we are going to have to make another trip out here, as I didn’t get to stay in that house long enough and there is so much we didn’t get to do.