I always get a little grumpy when July ends, because it means school is less than a month away.  So, I’m hoping that reminiscing about our July activities will help me not be sad about what’s happening in 2 weeks.  So, yes, this is another mammoth post.  It’s all I seem to be able to do these days.  

We had a perfect low key 4th weekend.

We started out at the Springville pond, where upon driving there we found out the Rensinks were headed in the same direction.  

Blow up animals, entertaining company, hot sun, and real sand, made for a perfect afternoon.  

We thought we were alone on the actual 4th, for the first time ever, so we splurged on a blow up slide to keep us entertained.  

Turns out most of our neighbors ended up being around and we were so happy to have friends to play with afterall.  

We had a first in our family this month…stitches!!  Crew fell off a neighbors porch (a very common occurrence) and hit his chin on a drain pipe while he was with a babysitter.  Due to my fair share of other head and chin wounds, I immediately saw the difference in this once and off to the doctors we went.  

He was a champ and didn’t cry once.  The doctor told me I better put him sports.  

July offered us these weird cool days, so we took advantage by hanging out at some parks and Farm Country.  

We don’t usually spend anytime at parks during July, so I tried not to be grouchy about not being at the pool and enjoy it. 

Crew and Liam, they are pretty much the best. 

We still enjoyed plenty of sun and we are still going strong with our weekly pool or pond trips.  

And sometimes the “sand” turns out to be more muck like, but the kids never seem to mind.  

We did have one very exciting pond day where we got chased away by lightening and pouring rain, but it was fun while it lasted.  

My favorite pond days though involve leaving Ruby with a babysitter and catching up with old friends.  

This particular day there were some people fishing and every time they caught a trout they’d call the kids over and put it in their bucket.  They ended up with 5 fish or so in their little pond.  Pretty much made these kids day.  I love nice people! 

We are still going strong with our summer movie series too.  And Miles sat through his first movie ever this month!  Huge milestone.  

Julianne introduced us to Utah’s Natural History Museum.  

I can’t wait to go back on a non free day. when the crowd level isn’t quite so insane.

Julianne and I also had the amazing idea to get a babysitter for the 3 hardest shopping kids and bring the easier 3 with us to city creek (plus 2 ipads).  Made for a pretty great afternoon of shopping.  

their favorite way to shop at Anthropology.  :)

We still end up spending a good portion of our days at home being lazy and playing with the neighborhood kids.  

Macey informed me this summer there is no where she’d rather be than home. 

Our good friend was diagnosed with Cancer this month, after making cards for her one morning, these girls decided they wanted to do a perler bead/lemonade stand to help raise money for her hospital bills.  

I was amazed at the support of our ward and neighborhood as they came and over paid for treats, lemonade and bead creations.  It was overwhelming how much money they earned and it was a good mom moment seeing these girls count up all that money and to see the complete shock in their faces when they realized how much money they had earned for their friend.  They didn’t even question handing every cent over to Cindy’s family, what an example these kids are to me.  

On a Ruby note.  She won’t stop growing and is crazier and busier than ever.  

I boxed up her 6-12 month clothes for Shaunna and we have managed to give away almost all of our true baby things.  While it’s sad to say goodbye to the baby stage, I’ve found it’s sort of freeing too.  

Ruby loves to wrestle and get in on any action that is happening around her.  Sometimes when these 2 escape in just their diapers while getting dressed, I secretly love it.  

Gotta soak up these baby moments while I can.  

And proof I run my AC too much at night for the basement dwelling children:

Now I’ve got to get back to playing, I only have a few more weeks until this one becomes a 3rd grader.