Ok, so here’ even more of my favorite pictures and I promise my last disney post.

Naptime at Grizzly Bear Rapids.

Macey got a little tired by the 3rd day, so she tried to hitch a ride whenever she could.

and yes, he is sleeping. It was awesome when Miles fell asleep on the walk home, because we then could transfer him right to bed without any whining.

Miles is our homebody. Anytime we are out, he always asks when we are going to be home. On the drive to Disneyland he asked at least 4 times to go home. So, I was a little worried. But, he was the one that threw the biggest fit when we had to leave and is still asking to go back and ride the rides.

Ok, Cars Land was awesome and I could gain 10lbs on their food alone. But, as you can tell by the amount of people, it was a bit crazy. I can’t wait to go back in a few years and actually get to enjoy it a little more.

Paul was feeling left out with his lack of Disney attire, so he was trying to blend in a little bit better. i don’t think it worked.

And here’s my favorite picture from the trip. Those smiles really made the whole week worth it.

Macey and Mile are already planning our next trip back. They figure we should go when Crew is 2, since they have now both gone at 2. I told them that was fine with me! Thus far our Disneyland jar is already up to .80 cents. Not a bad start.