I had no idea how long our perfect fall weather would last, so I made sure everyone spent as much time as possible outside!

There were lots of park visits, where this girl actually started letting me sit and talk with my friends!! I’m almost there people!

There were all sorts of neighborhood shenanigans going on, as all the moms made a pact that the kids were not allowed to play inside each other’s houses until it got cold.  :)

This fort was a group effort.  

We found a BYU game that met all our criteria in order to bring the kids with us: 1:00 kick off, Sunny, $10 tickets, friends to come with us, and an opponent we did not care about (as we don’t get to watch much of the game).

It was of course a bit chaotic, but well worth the effort.  

BYU fans for life right here.  

The sign of a good time:

October was so much fun, that I pretty much let the house work slide.
This is real life around here. 

 I finally couldn’t take it anymore, so Macey and I put the little kids to bed, got sodalicious, played some loud music and got to work.  

We’ve made lots of progress and now that it’s gotten a little bit colder out, I have been doing better at making the kids do chores.  I just couldn’t bare to pull them inside to do chores when they were all playing so nice outside.  

I call it being a lazy and nice mom.  

The Bounce House just opened a few blocks from our house, I have a feeling we will be spending many cold days here this winter. 

The Rensink’s introduced us to an awesome trampoline place too.    

We were finding blue foam in our hair for days.  

In kid news, Miles lost his first tooth!

He was so excited, he had to go show all the neighbors and wanted to call everyone he knew. :)  

He also ran back with these “flowers” for me after I dropped him off for school.  Plus, he picked some for his teacher too.  Smart boy.  

In Macey news, she loved Red Ribbon week, with crazy hair day being her favorite.  

Macey already has plans for her hair next year.  

Macey is reading well enough now, that I pulled out a new box of my higher leveled books.  

It was a very exciting evening as she picked out her first 20 chapter books. There isn’t much better than new books to read!  

Macey’s bff got baptized this month.

 I still picture them as the little toddlers playing dress up and dancing around my living room, but as you can tell, that is no longer the case.  Love these 2.  

Crew and Ruby keep me as busy as can be.  

Between the 2 of them I rarely get a chance to sit down and do anything, but thank goodness I find them completely adorable.  

Crew got his quilt that Nana made and he is in love with it.  

Ruby cannot contain herself and is constantly making messes.  

This particular moment she used an entire jar of hair gel to cover her hair and body.  

And she has discovered the adorable baby in the mirror.  I would be obsessed too if that’s what I saw looking back at me. 

Love me some fall in Utah.