Our Baby Coo is 2!

Here are some fun facts to know about Crew at the age of 2:

Favorite Foods: yogurt, chocolate milk, candy, pirate booty, smoothies…pretty much anything 

If the fridge childlock is left open he constantly brings you the chocolate syrup saying “chocolate milk, please”.  And as Macey says, “it’s really hard to say no when Crew says please”.  She is so right, so he usually gets his chocolate milk.

Favorite Toys: Miles’ scooter (he now has his own), cars, balls, books, his raffy (blanket)

The start of the race before the tears came.

Favorite Song: What Does the Fox Say   
Most nights you can hear him and Miles in their room singing it.  And trust me, it’s adorable.

Favorite Shows: Elmo’s World, Monster Inc.

Favorite Things to do: play the ‘pad’, steal whatever M&M are playing with, scream at ‘Rudy’, get chased by people, listen to Monster Inc story on dad’s phone, play at the park, play outside with the neighbor kids, and anything to do with water.

While watching M&M’s last swim lesson, I finally let him sit in the water and play, since it was his birthday.

**Funny things he has done as of late:
When we walk by his favorite people ( The entire Everett Family) at church, they come outside, pretty much whenever he sees one of them…he starts screaming,  flapping his arms, and screaming “hahaha”.  

He has been getting in trouble a lot for being too rough with Ruby.  So, now he puts his head just close enough for Ruby’s flailing arms to reach him and the moment she touches his face he starts crying and pointing at Ruby to indicate that she has hit him. Such a stinker.

He is starting to understand rules and knows when he’s breaking them, most of the time.  My favorite moment last week was when he got to the T of the sidewalk on his Mickey Car.  To the left is the parking lot with the playground on the other side (where he wants to go) and to the right is the way he is suppose to go to finish the circle.  

He sat there for a few moments.  He looked and pointed left and shook his head no.  Then he looked right and shook his head yes.  He did this a few times and you could tell he was having an internal struggle as to which way he should choose.  In the end he choose the right! We just sat on the porch laughing.  

He is still obsessed with Ruby.  In the morning he runs right upstairs to where she is sleeping, behind a child locked door, and yells “Rudy, Rudy!” While trying to break in.  


Some of my favorite things about Crew...He still takes a 2-3 hour nap everyday, he loves to give hugs and kisses, the love he has for his ‘raffies’, how he gets loudly excited over things, his crazy hair, his contagious laughter, and how he always looks banged up, due to his inability to play outside without falling. 

Common Phrases:
Elmo over
Help, Please
Monster Inc.?
got it
Fox say
Ta da
Rudy Rudy
Boppy Boppy (translation- drink)
Rudy in there? (pointing at her covered carseat)

Love this giant 2 year old!