Macey has been getting into everything lately and I think alot of it is because she’s bored and is trying to find something to do. So, I’ve been trying to find some fun actitives I can do with her during the day. I’ve been reading a blog called Chasing Cheerios to get some ideas and I came across a post about making Toddler Activity Bags. We’re flying to Washington this weekend and while it isn’t a very long flight, I decided to make some to keep Macey entertained.
Here’s what I have so far:

Color sorting with farm animals

Sorting crazy macaroni into individual boxes or putting tiny animals in to teach one-to-one correspondence

Her new favorite activity-coloring

Finger Puppets

Photo Magnets

That’s what I have so far. We’ll see how good of job they do at keeping her busy. Who knows, maybe for our next flight I make some new ones.