Do your kids share a room? Well, ours do and they love it (lucky for us).

But, bedtime is far from quiet. There is always lots of singing, happy screaming, shaking of the crib rails, books being read, stuffed animals being thrown in and out of the crib, and of course talking.

Last night I heard the normal sounds; crib rails shaking, laughing, and singing. Nothing out of the ordinary, not even enough for me to bother yelling up the stairs at them to be quiet and go to sleep.

Well, last night we found this upon going to bed:

For some reason Macey was moving their furniture and we didn’t even hear her! Apparently we had 21 Jump Street on too loud.

When I questioned her this morning she pretty much denied everything.

The good thing was they were exhausted from their crazy party and didn’t even notice us laughing and taking pictures with the flash on.

I hope they invite me to their next party, because I’m sure it was fun.