So, at the throat doctor yesterday I was informed that I must stop drinking all pop.  To some I know this isn’t a big deal, but to me this is huge…huge.  

I drink 1-2 cans a day, on average. ** Dr. Pepper** helps me to feel sane when my children have gone crazy.  It’s my reward for working out or cleaning the floors. When I’m super nauseous, I can sip on it and it helps me feel better.  When I’m exhausted from car pool or running errands, I can run through McDonald’s drive thru for one and I feel instantly better. And after I throw up, it helps to numb my sore throat.  

Today is my first full day with no Dr. Pepper and let me tell you, it has sucked.  

For starters, I’m of course throwing up, which makes me about a million times crankier to begin with.  On top of that Miles has forgotten how to use a normal voice and is just whining, crying, or yelling whenever he wants something or doesn’t get his way.  Crew, being the copy cat that he is, is also yelling and screaming about everything today.  Now, Macey is throwing a fit because she doesn’t know how to spell “better”. 

Normally, I would lock them in their rooms and sit down and drink a nice, cold Dr. Pepper and it would help my troubles to melt away.  Today all I have for comfort is a glass of cold water and they of course won’t stay in their rooms anyways. 

I guess it’s time for me to come up with a new coping strategy, and fast. Plus, I better see some quick results in the improvement of my throat, to make this worth it!