June.  My most favorite month in Utah.  Summer has just started.  Temperatures are perfect.  Summerfest. And it’s my birthday month. Doesn’t get much better.  

love me some lazy summer mornings.  

We had so many pool days.

highlights were Miles learning to flip off the diving board.  

And Crew being able to go down the slide alone!!



We’ve got it down to a science now, that it’s not even stressful.

Crew earned a late night with one of his best friends from our old school.  

Movie night with the girls I work with at church.  

Our days are filled with neighbor kids and friends.


Hours of perler beads.  

Constant bike riding and roller skating.  

And knowing where the gang is by which house has a pile of bikes out front.

Even Fang gets in on the neighborhood bike action.  

And Fang is finally growing and his xsmall dog collar got too small, so he could finally fit into the bowtie one I bought before we brought him home. 

Ruby thought he was so cute in it she decided they should get married. 

Here’s a pic of Crew’s rash healing and my, most likely broken, finger.

3 Big Highlights in June for me:

1. My built ins got finished!! And I love them.  

2.  I threw myself a Favorite Things Birthday Party.

it was so fun.  Plus, holly and I did a soda bar, which might of been my most favorite part.  

Ruby being thrilled about coming down to spy and make herself a drink.

I have always been lucky in life to have an awesome group of friends, love these ladies so much.  

I was also especially happy I threw myself a party, because my actual birthday kind of sucked this year. :)  

Although, after some yelling and crying on my part and the kid’s, we did manage a nice hike up the canyon.  

And I killed it in hide and seek.  

3.  Girls Camp

I got to go to Girls Camp with Macey this year. 

It was probably one of my favorite girls camps I have ever attended.  

Such an awesome group of girls and leaders.  And we were in a unique situation where about 2/3’s of us had only been in the ward a year or less, so it was so nice to bond and laugh and get to know each other more.

Where we were suppose to go was still covered in snow (Mia Shalom), so we ended in Hobble Creek Canyon at an amazing property.  

There was a slip and slide on the side of the mountain.

An amazing indoor pool.

Where, after lots of encouragement, I jumped and then kept on jumping.  

Lots of friends to see around camp.

And macey wanted to go on the hard hike, so up the side of the mountain we went.  

It was hard, but very fun.  Super impressed with the girls from our ward that picked this hike over the easier ones.  

It was an amazing week spent with amazing people laughing, playing, and feeling the spirit.  I cannot wait for next year.  

Phew.  And that was just the first month of summer.