* How Macey calls Fruit by the Foot “toes”

* Hearing Macey sing Miles “Popcorn Popping” when they were suppose to be sleeping

* When Macey spotted our neighbor Barbra outside this morning she started yelling, “Hi Barbra!”, and then informed me I needed to open the door so she could give her a hug.

* How Macey always checks on me to make sure I’m not lonely. For instance, while looking at clothes at Target today I left the cart in the asile, after a few minuets I hear, “Mom, I’m right here so don’t be lonely.”

* Macey letting Miles play the prince and wake up Snow White Macey with a kiss!

* Miles flailing his arms and legs in excitement

* Finding Bubble Swords in Target’s $1 section

This is Macey after she drank some of her bubbles from the Bubble Sword. Nice.

* How Miles cries if Paul doesn’t come play with him the moment he walks in the door from work

* My orange Swatch watch

* Watching Paul feed Miles rice cereal and laughing at the mess

There you have it, those are the things I think about when Macey is throwing a fit in the middle of the Dinosaur Museum or Miles has to go to the doctor again. Lucky for me, I think they’re pretty cute, so I can’t ever stay upset for too long.