“Mom, you look good.  Real good.  You look Cute.  Cuter than Ruby even!” -Miles

“Macey, I really like you.  I think I’m going to marry you.” 

“You can’t.  We are already family.  You have to marry someone not in your family.”

“Ok, I’ll marry Penelope then”.  

“put on my ninja music!”   After much searching, i discovered this meant punk/ska. So Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, and Buck o Nine playlist was made.  To which Crew responded “yep, this my ninja music.  It good for my ninja moves”  And then I heard lots of “hi-ya’s and grunting coming from the back seat.  

We must of been quite the spectacle while eating dinner at costco.  As we had multiple groups of people comment to us,  I do believe we hit our Utah County record.  We must of drawn attention with Ruby yelling and waving “hi, hi, hi, hi!” at every person that walked by.  Crew’s multiple representations of how different animals would eat a hotdog and Miles directing every conversation back to snakes.  The comments ranged from a yelled, “your kids are cute” as they walked by.  To “With that much curly hair, you can’t expect him to be quiet”.  My favorite, “You deserve a medal.” :)  And the normal, “you must have a lot of energy and patience”.  The funny thing is, they were actually being good and eating their dinner, just in their own loud way I suppose.  Plus, I even had one lady comment about how Miles and Crew are opposites, in that Crew is crazy and Miles is not.  I laughed out loud and reassured her, that he’s just really hungry, which was why he was behaving the best.