I have survived a little more than week of bed rest and have made it to 31 weeks!

The highlights:
online shopping
lots of cuddle time with Macey and Miles
my mom came to help hold our house together
I’m still pregnant

Our morning hang out time:

The downsides:
watching my mom and Paul do EVERYTHING while I lay on the couch like a lazy fat person
beautiful weather that I didn’t get to enjoy as fully as I would of liked
feeling useless

While bed rest sounds relaxing and inviting when you’re in the midst of scrubbing floors and dealing with crazy kids, it’s not as great as it might seem! Trust me on this. Although if all moms could claim one day a month as “Bed Rest” day, that would be pretty awesome.

Having my mom here made me feel like a kid again. I kept getting in trouble and getting yelled at when I was doing things I wasn’t suppose to; such as picking up toys, getting food, putting laundry away, and picking up Miles. My mom and Paul wouldn’t leave me home alone for fear that I would begin cleaning or climbing the stairs. :)

I’m trying to be good though, because obviously a messy house is much easier to deal with than a baby born premature, but it really is hard work to lay on the couch and do nothing!! I’m already planning what I’m going to clean and organize when my month is up.

The good new is my mom got my house clean and my freezer stocked! Yes, she is awesome. My ward is also pretty awesome and already has babysitting set up for Macey and Miles everyday day from 10-1. Plus, they are insisting that they bring us dinner too. While I don’t want to be too much of a burden, I know Paul will greatly appreciate the food coming in, so I decided to agree to the dinners. I never realized how hard it is to ask for help!

Only 3 (hopefully) weeks to go!