Miles weighed in at a whopping 21 lbs and his head is in the 97th percentile! The Dr. assured me the big head comes from Paul’s genes, not mine. :) We still can’t tell what color his eyes will be, but they’re looking a bit hazel to me at the moment.

And, here’s my blue eyed Macey at 9 months (she weighed a petite 15.7 lbs):

I don’t think they look quite as similar anymore, but they definitely look related.

Miles has a few new tricks he’s learned this month. He is always ready and willing to show them off.

Pointing at things he likes

Giving high fives

Eating real food

Miles got to eat what we ate last night, Hawaiian Haystacks. He loved them.

And, I also cannot believe I have a blonde baby (for the moment)! Love it.

The thing/person Miles loves the most is still Macey. He lets her dress him up, head butt him, chase him, eat his food, and do pretty much anything- as long as she pays attention to him.

I tell Miles to slow down and not grow up so fast, but he obviously isn’t a very good listener. So, while he lets me, I’ve been kissing those chubby cheeks as much as I possibly can.