Well, at least for the moment.

We made sure to enjoy the last snow storm of February, because we were desperately hoping it’d’ be the last we would see this winter.

We buried Miles’ lower half in the snow in hopes it would keep him contained. It worked for about 10 min.

We built our first snowman of the winter.

And we went sledding at Rock Canyon Park.

Even though this hill is alot steeper than our normal sledding hill, we finally convinced Macey to go down by herself. Here’s what happened:

Don’t worry, after she recovered on this bench for awhile, she went down again. And I’m pretty sure she won’t remember it next winter. :)

We also made one of our last trips to Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point, before it’s warm enough for Farm Country and The Children’s Garden! Miles, unlike Macey at his age, LOVED the sand and we spent most of our time here. I think they were dreaming of playing at the beach.

We’ve now been enjoying our sunny weather and hope it lasts. I forgot how warm 50 degrees feels!

Since it’s still a new thing for Miles to play outside w/o a million layers of clothes on, the first thing he does is make a run for it. Once he realizes I’m not going to haul him back inside he can be found playing with his fire truck.

Macey wanted to do some posing while I had the camera outside. She’s obviously a natural.

She’s quite versatile, America’s Next Top Model could be in her future, don’t you think?

Another benefit of the warmer weather, we finally get to see all our long lost friends!

I say it every year, but I sure have missed March.